Avaya IP Office Resources

Information to support the IP Office can be found on a number of Avaya and non-Avaya web sites:

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Avaya Web Sites (require an Avaya login)

  • Avaya Support (http://support.avaya.com):   Contains documentation and other support materials for Avaya products. Copies of the IP Office CD images are available from this site and updated core software files.
  • Avaya IP Office Knowledge Base (http://marketingtools.avaya.com/knowledgebase):  Access to an on-line regularly updated version of the IP Office Knowledge Base.
  • Avaya University (http://www.avaya-learning.com):  Access to the full range of Avaya training courses.  Includes both on-line courses, course assessments and access to details of classroom based courses.

Other Non-Avaya Web Sites 

A number of third-party web forums exist that discuss IP Office.  These can act as a useful source of information about how the IP Office is used.  Some of these forums require you to be a member and to register.

Note:  The above are not official Avaya forums and their content is not monitored or sanctioned by Avaya.