By: David Currier On: December 01, 2010 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

The power of the Interaction Client is now mobile. For users who do not have access to the full .Net client on their computer or need to access the client from a location where it is not available, the 3.0 Interaction Client Web Edition is an excellent alternative. It provides basic client functionality including call control, directory access, and presence management… and runs entirely in a browser so that it can be accessed and used from anywhere. However, keep in mind that the web client does not include all the capabilities of the desktop client. Most notably, it supports calls only – sorry, no e-mail, chat, etc. support… yet.


A cousin to the Interaction Client Web Edition is the Mobile Web Client.
While not including as many features as the full web client (most notably call control), it gives quick, basic functionality including status management, directory access, voicemail, call history, and the ability to place a call (Interaction Center places the call and connects it to your mobile device)