By: David Currier On: January 12, 2011 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Did you know that Interaction Center includes the ability to remotely manage Attendant audio files? With a bit of setup, this can be done via the Remote Access feature of Interaction Attendant.

Here are the instructions to set it up:

  1. On the IC server, run dseditu
  2. Browse to <Root Entry>\[Site Name]\Production\[Server Name]\AttendantData
  3. Add an Attribute with Attribute name = “AttendantLanguages“, Value type = “String“, and then add the value for the language of the prompts you would like to manage (default is “en-US“)
  4. Add an Attribute with Attribute name = “AttendantWaveIDs“, Value type = “String“, and then add values as a number|name group for each prompt you wish to record/manage (example: “1000|example.wav“)
  5. In the …\I3\IC\Resources\InteractionAttendantWaves\[language] folder, create a .wav file where the file name matches the value created in Directory Services earlier (example: copy and rename any .wav file to “example.wav“)
  6. Access the prompt management utility via the TUI (Telephone User Interface) by calling the default profile (or another profile that includes this functionality) and logging in using a Remote Access node – by default, this would be: 9, 9, [extension], [password], #, 5, 9, 2

Note: This feature can also be used to manage existing Attendant prompts. Simply create number|name string values as listed above using the .wav file name you wish to manage.