By: The CPI Team On: June 27, 2011 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Interactive Intelligence released SU12 for its CIC 3.0 platform on Friday. We wanted to get a quick blog post out to let you know what you will find in SU12. Here are some highlights:

For Interaction Process Automation (IPA)
The product has been enhanced to support multi-page work items. This functionality allows multiple work item forms to be routed to a user via a single work-item interaction, without having to pickup each page of that work item.

For Interaction Feedback

  1. Feature has been added allowing the score for a question to be ignored
  2. Survey questions can now be weighted to be between 0 and 1. This means a question can be weighted to the right of a decimal point (i.e. 0.5) as is possible in Interaction Recorder.

For Interaction Optimizer
The scheduling engine’s algorithm has been changed to give agent schedule preferences higher precedence.

For Interaction Recorder

  1. Interactive Intelligence has added enhancements to better support work-at-home agents. The bandwidth usage for uploading screen recordings has been reduced. There is a parameter that will allow system administrators to modify the amount of bandwidth used for uploading screen recordings.
  2. Interaction Center Business Manager (ICBM) Interaction Recorder users can now see scorecards scored by users other than themselves. Up to now, users were only allowed to see questionnaire scorecards that they were in the process of scoring or had completed. Administrators will have the ability in SU12 to set a parameter giving permission to view other scorecards. This will allow, for example, a supervisor to view a quality analyst’s scorecard.

All of these enhancements are in addition to things added in SU 11 – like support for 64 bit faxing. There are more technical improvements in SU12 as well – but that’s a topic for a blog post from one of our engineers!

As always, please let us know if you have questions.