By: David Currier On: April 12, 2011 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

When troubleshooting issues with your Interaction Center servers, the first place to look are the server event logs. Actually, we recommend that you regularly monitor them for unexpected warnings and errors. Similarly, when troubleshooting reports of trouble with calls, the best place to start is the Call Log on the active IC server at the time of the call. While there are a number of different ways to search this log for one or more calls, the simplest is with a Call ID. Along with a report of what happened from a user, the log entry for a call will quite often be enough to determine what happened.

1) Browse to the Logs folder and open the folder for the date of the offending call

2) Open the file CallLog.ininlog (by default it will open in the ININ Log Viewer

3) From the Filter menu, select Filter Configuration – this will open the Filter Configuration dialog

4) From the Filter menu, create a new filter for a Context Attribute

5) From the Context Attribute dropdown menu, select Ctx Attrib 1

6) Enter the Call ID of the call in question in the Search Item field and click Add, then click Ok

The Call Log will now be filtered to the entry for the specified interaction and (depending on the type of call) will provide many useful pieces of information including the calling and called party numbers, users involved in the call, start and end times, the call disconnect reason, and more. If more troubleshooting is required, the information provided in the log entry of a call will help you know where to look next.