By: The CPI Team On: November 08, 2013 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

It’s been a great week at the Contact Center Association’s fall 2013  conference.  As I’ve been blogging all week, many discussions have surrounded people – our agents and our customers.  I have a couple of closing thoughts.

First, it really is All About the People.  Today’s generation of customer is different.  They want to reach us through more channels than ever before.  They want the ability to serve themselves, but when they reach out for help, the customer wants you to provide them with an individualized experience.  Today’s generation of agent is different, too.  They want to be engaged in what’s happening in your center and they want you to know and deal with them as individuals.  As someone said in one session, “the days of command and control are long gone.”  As leaders, we need to be evolving to deal with these fast-changing foundations of our businesses.

Second, I said it earlier this week, but I’m going to repeat myself – you really better be “doing” social in your contact center.  The revolution has happened in our society.  How have you responded in your center?

Third, you have to take time to keep your own skills sharp.  One of the keynote speakers talked about our need to continue to learn and grow.  It’s been a couple of years since I attended a conference and I needed a “tune-up.”  There’s been lots of good information exchanged in sessions and keynotes…and at lunch!  I’ve got some books that I want to read and some business cards from folks I can reach out to for help with questions.  If you’ve not been lately, plan now to attend either the spring or fall conference in 2014.

Speaking of lunch – here’s a picture from one of our lunches.  Scott Carwein from Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance was at the table with me!















Finally, I’ve never been to Phoenix – wow, it’s been really nice!  I think I could get used to this.





































If you have any questions about the things I’ve discussed this week, send me a note.  I’m glad to pass along more details.  Thanks for reading!