By: Chris Dellen On: June 05, 2014 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

In the past 3 weeks, I have had the opportunity to listen to experts from around the world discuss where contact centers are headed in the next five years. During that time I have traveled over 2,500 miles on planes, trains, and automobiles; consumed 27 cups of Starbucks; and sat through 44 sessions from industry experts.

I’ll present more detail surrounding each of these in subsequent blog posts, but for now, I hope you take a second and think about how these will impact your contact center.

Here’s’ what I have learned:

1. There is a significant channel shift coming in how customer’s interact with customer service.

2. Smart Devices and the “Internet of Things” is going to impact customer service in a big way. See the three examples in the slide below.

3. Until now, CRM has always been about creating a 360 degree view of your customer… in the future, it’s going to be about creating a 360 degree view of your company for your customer.

4. Leaders set the tempo. Metrics set the direction (metrics should be predictive… not reactive).

5. Fred’s tweet reminded me that we have to be good at the basics before we can master the next big thing (that means that there is no time to lose).

6. Don’t forget the value of your existing customers (i.e. retention). A 5% increase in retention can positively impact profitability from 25% to 100%. Customer experience/loyalty/advocacy has an immediate and long-lasting ROI.

7. Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2013 from witnessed a very significant drop last year. Customer expectations of how and when they get support is dramatically changing. 

8. Expected Social Media Response Times (and this data is from 2012).

9. WebRTC functionality is fundamentally transforming the way we communicate with customers. At a high level, this allows (without the consumer having to install any software) the ability to have a voice or video conversation through the consumer’s web browser plus all of the context with it. 

10. Speed wins 

Stay tuned for my next post that will dig deeper into these takeaways. As always, if you have questions, reach out.