By: The CPI Team On: October 27, 2014 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Your budget for next year is submitted and it looks like adding Interaction Analyzer is going to be approved for your contact center. Congratulations! You’re going to be adding an incredible tool for your business. As you look ahead to your implementation, I have three lessons to share with you. We just finished another implementation – I want you to learn from our experience!

Lesson 1: Identify keyword list

Customers I talk to have all kinds of ideas about what keywords/phrases they want the system to listen for. They’re excited about being able to spot “cancellation” spoken by a customer…or “I can’t help you” from an agent. As you think about your list, think about what you want to do if the system spots the word. Do you want supervisors to be alerted? Are you prepared to take action on every call where the words turn up? Here’s a hint – you’re probably not prepared to take action. Too many alerts to your supervisors will become easy to ignore. The lesson learned is that creating your keyword list will require time – both to identify the words and to think about what business process you’ll want to put in place when the system “hears” those words.


Lesson 2: You won’t get it right the first time (but don’t get discouraged!)

This was a really eye-opening lesson for me. When we put a new CIC system in for a customer, we work hard to get everything right. We design and build call routing. We train agents on using their client. We test everything to be sure it’s as perfect as possible before go-live. Analyzer is different. You build your first keyword list and implement it. Then, you audit your results. You see how many “false positives” you’re getting (False positives are words the system thought it recognized, but it missed – for a list of reasons that I won’t go into here.). Now, you start making adjustments. That’s a very different mindset – your keyword list will evolve and grow over time. Trust me – that’s a good thing!


Lesson 3: Learn to fish

Be prepared to learn to fish. I just mentioned doing a new CIC implementation – we work to build the system so it’s solid for you coming out of the gate. We serve up the fish for you. With Analyzer, your contact center team is going to be living with, tweaking, adjusting and measuring your results. Your implementation journey is focused on equipping you to do all of that! We teach you how to fish. It was fun to watch folks come to understand what kind of power Analyzer puts in their hands in their contact center. They are now able to work toward becoming expert anglers!

If you have questions about your Analyzer implementation, be sure to let me know. We’re here to help!