Earlier this year, I wrote about 3 Important Lessons from an Interactive Intelligence CIC 4.0 Upgrade. It was a post inspired by an upgrade I had walked a customer through. Now we’re on to our first Dialer upgrade. I’ve learned three more lessons that I want to share with you as you plan and prepare for your 4.0 upgrade.

Dialer Lesson 1

The good news first – one of our engineers said to me, “Templates are HUGE!” With 4.0, you’re going to be able to build templates for your campaigns and/or your scripts. Then, you will just modify the template when you need to make changes. This will save you lots of time. The set-up and build for campaigns is much easier. All of you dialer administrators are going to like this – it’s going to make your life better! Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement – but it’s going to make the service you provide your call center better.

Dialer Lesson 2

Now, the bad news – we’ve learned that all of the 3.0 Dialer reports have been deprecated – they are not included in Dialer 4.0. That means you are going to have to use Interaction Reporter and the new reports. Interaction Reporter is a very cool tool and the new reports are nice. Interactive has spent a lot of time rebuilding the database and there’s going to be a great deal more usable data available for you in the new reports. However, you’re going to have to plan carefully for your cut-over and your reporting requirements. Be sure to take a look at the new reports and your reporting requirements as part of your User Acceptance Testing.

Dialer Lesson 3

Because of the reporting changes and because of the data migration process, we’re recommending that you carefully consider how much of your Dialer data you really want or need to migrate to 4.0. The migration process is not fast. Think carefully – if you don’t need the data, don’t migrate it just because it’s on your 3.0 server. (Really, this is true for ALL of your data. If you can avoid it, our advice is don’t migrate your data.) If keeping the 3.0 dialer reports are important to you (or any 3.0 reporting data), you may even want to consider leaving your 3.0 server up with one workstation attached to run those old reports or to access old recordings. Data migration and its associated impacts have become a critical planning issue and often account for a large number of hours in 4.0 upgrade projects. If you have questions, we can help you work through your options.

We continue to learn more about 4.0 as we do more upgrades. I don’t want to sound like a downer by sharing lessons 2 and 3 with you – I just want to give you the full picture. There are SO many good things in the software that I really want to encourage you to be planning your upgrade. We will keep you posted on more lessons as we uncover them!