By: Lanette Thurman On: November 24, 2014 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

By now most companies have either confirmed or are in the process of creating their budgets for the 2015 calendar year. For call centers, the Workforce Management team is a critical part of gathering and forecasting information to meet short-term and long-term goals.

Interaction Optimizer and Interaction Decisions are the perfect tools for your Workforce Management team to get your company meeting or even exceeding those call center goals.

Average Speed of Answer (ASA)

In some industries, ASA is one of the most important statistics you will have, especially in sales and merchandising. Every second a customer waits is potentially money out the door. Being available to assist your callers in a timely fashion is dollars! Interaction Optimizer real-time forecasting allows you to quickly assess how your day is going and if additional staffing may be required. The system shows you peak periods and provides customer service scheduling views in which you are able to easily “smooth out” breaks and lunches to best fit your needs. Interaction Decisions can then take your daily and weekly forecasting and provide long term staff projections.

Service levels

With Interaction Optimizer, if you’re a multimedia call center, you can look at service levels for calls, email and chat independent of one another. There is no one right service level for any industry or media type. Your service level will depend on what you are willing to pay to meet the demands of your customer. Interaction Decision can, on a long-term basis, let you look into the future and decide, what is the right service level for your operation.

Abandoned calls

This is a statistic that is a black-eye for customer service departments all over the world and keeps managers awake at night. Some questions you may have asked yourself are: What is that “threshold” of time in which my customer is willing to wait before they abandon? How are those calls affecting the financial bottom line? Is this because of staffing, inappropriate scheduling of breaks and lunches? The insights of Interaction Optimizer real-time and historical reports give an enormous amount of information to assist in understanding the patterns of your caller.

These tools together are the gifts that keep on giving to any Workforce Management team when it comes to creating effective budgets for short-term or long-term goals.

Interaction Optimizer offers Workforce Management functionality in the areas of:

  • Real time and historical reporting
  • Intraday Monitoring for reforecasting
  • Goals for service level, ASA or both
  • Single and multiple site forecasting

Plus many more key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Interaction Decisions can stand alone or be easily integrated and can handle more of your long-term goals when it comes to:

  • How to consistently deliver the desired service experience across seasonal peaks and valleys
  • Key risk factors that impact customer satisfaction
  • The most profitable service level for premium customers
  • Cost vs. benefit of staffing with overtime instead of new hires

So as you come out of your 2014 fiscal year, are you surprisingly pleased with your outcome or are you still scratching your head trying to figure out “What am I going to do next year?” Consider incorporating Interactive Optimizer and Interaction Decisions into your plans for next year to help you exceed your 2015 Workforce Management goals!

If you’d like to learn more or have any questions, feel free to contact me.