By: David Currier On: May 29, 2014 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Did you know that you can help shape the future of Interactive Intelligence products? I imagine if each of us took a couple minutes, we could come up with a list of suggestions for several companies whose products and services we use. But it’s not often that we have the opportunity to actually submit our ideas to companies and to be heard.

This week, I am attending the Interactive Intelligence Technical Summit. It is an event designed for tech geeks who focus on Interactive Intelligence products. We will discuss in excruciating detail where things stand today, where things are currently headed, and what might be changed or improved. In short, it gives folks like me (who don’t work for ININ) a chance to help shape the future!

And now there’s a great way for you as an ININ customer to share your ideas too! Visit Once you register, you will be able to browse through the suggestions that have been submitted by other users, vote for the ones you like, add useful comments, and submit your own ideas.

As a CPI Interactive Intelligence engineer, I have enjoyed sending in several suggestions of my own. Click on the links below to register and to explore a few of my favorites.

  1. Real-time screen monitoring
  2. Detailed administrative change log
  3. Unified phone number management

When you have an opportunity to share your thoughts at, drop us a line. We would like to check them out!