By: The CPI Team On: July 22, 2014 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

My mom went back to college after I graduated from college. She loves to learn and she studied hard. However, when it came time to take tests, she froze up – she had a major case of test anxiety. She struggled to communicate what she knew in a testing format. Fortunately, she had a professor who recognized that she was studying hard. He administered one of her exams by sitting and talking to her. Asked to discuss the various essay questions, she quickly demonstrated that she knew the material cold. In that format, she aced the test.

Recently, I’ve been watching our customers get ready for their 4.0 upgrades.

One of the things we’ve learned is that your need for user acceptance testing is really different with this upgrade. You simply MUST do more testing in order to “ace” your cut-over. I have three tips to pass along to help you avoid test anxiety during your upgrade.

1. Start now to document your test plan.

Most of our customers have not had to do complete user acceptance testing since their original installation was done. Therefore, they don’t have a well-documented test plan.  You are going to need that plan and it takes twice as long to write as you think it will! ☺ Start now – go through your call flows and write down every “branch” you need to check. Think about everything your customers and agents do on your system – you are going to need to test every one of those things. When you start writing them down, you’re going to be surprised at how long a list you have. That leads to point number two….

2. Testing will take you longer than you thought it would.

We are telling our customers to plan two to three weeks for your user acceptance testing. You need to spend time hammering on the system – placing calls, pulling recordings, running reports – to make sure everything’s working the way you expect it to. You’re going to learn lots about all of the new features in the software as you do your testing. You’ll also be sure that all of the various new security settings have been correctly configured. I can promise you this works – I watched our friends at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance make the investment in testing. After their cut-over, we literally had one setting to fix.

3. You need to know that this is a two-person job.

Someone is going to need to make calls into the system while someone else is logged in as a call center agent. You both need to focus on all of the functionality for your “side” of the call. The “caller” needs to think like a customer and ensure that everything they need has been correctly built into your system. The “agent” will think like your staff and double-check that everything works to make your staff efficient. Your luckiest tester is the person working as a supervisor. The updates to Interaction Center Business Manager bring so much power to that person’s desk. Because of the wonderful improvements in searching for recordings and pulling reports, you’ll find new ways to do things. We love to show someone how to quickly tie a feedback questionnaire to the corresponding call recording. Great functionality – that you need to test.

Like my mom’s professor, we recognize that talking through this is often helpful. If you have questions, or want to discuss your Four.0 test plan, let us know. We want to be sure you earn an “A” on your upgrade!