By: The CPI Team On: April 22, 2014 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

I admire people who do spring cleaning. I barely have time for “regular” cleaning – let alone the super-enhanced “Spring Cleaning.” I think, “If only I could get “Spring Cleaning” done with some help and without a big hassle.” Sigh….

When was the last time your call center revised your auto-attendant script? Does the thought of that remind you of “Spring Cleaning” – a big job that takes forever? I have two ideas to help you get this job done easily.

Spring Cleaning Idea 1 – Use new agents to give you a fresh perspective on your call flows

Often, our contact center’s auto-attendant/IVR script was written by the people who know the center the best. Therefore, they (unintentionally) include jargon or make assumptions about the caller’s understanding. To test your call flow, go visit your next agent new hire class. Give them a test account number and a customer “problem”, and let them call in to your system. Sit and listen to what they say – the questions they ask – watch how they navigate. You can’t say a word, but you will want to take notes. Your new agents give you a focus group to observe your customer’s experience in your call flows. You will undoubtedly identify some issues that you can “clean out” to make things work better for your customers. Maybe changing the wording of a prompt will direct callers to a more appropriately skilled agent – reducing frustration on both sides of a call. Maybe you’ll find out that everyone hates your hold music and it’s time for a change. There’s lots of dust you can clear away when you move the sofa out a bit! ☺

Spring Cleaning Idea 2 – Review the IVR Design Best Practices webinar

Now that you have that fresh perspective in mind, go watch our Queued In webinar on IVR Design Best Practices. Rebecca Gibson from Interactive Intelligence gives a very practical overview of steps to take as you look at your IVR. Use the scorecard to assess your system. Make a list of quick fixes that could be applied to make calls flow better for your customers. Then, make a list of “bigger” changes that you want to make when you re-design your call flows. Maybe it’s time to schedule an initiative to complete that redesign (that’s more like painting the house than doing spring cleaning).

Spring Cleaning Bonus – Tidy up weekly

Be sure to create a method for doing “regular” cleaning. Your system administrator should be going through and deleting old users and workgroups/queues. My favorite task in this category is getting people to delete the message that says, “Please listen carefully as our menu choices have changed.” When I ask, it’s been 2 years since the change took place! Delete that message! ☺ Keeping your system “tidy” makes Spring Cleaning much easier.
Making the time to get it done is the hard part (trust me, I know!). It’s much easier when you have the tools to complete the work efficiently. Take advantage of them – and if you need help, let us know!