By: David Currier On: April 01, 2014 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Have you ever wanted to know what your customers are thinking? Hold onto your seats! CPI has developed an add-on to the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center platform called Interaction Intent.

This new technology will help your organization provide unparalleled customer service. Interaction Intent leverages the power of the Interaction Media Server to provide real-time phrase-based interpretation of the caller’s actual intent – the real reason for calling.

The ground-breaking new technology behind Interaction Intent is the Telephony Neural Interface (TNI). Last week, researchers at an Ivy League university made news with their announcement that they had successfully reconstructed facial images from the minds of study participants. What didn’t make the news was that CPI has been working on similar research for use in telecommunications. The TNI allows remote systems with the proper access to trigger and retrieve data via a direct neural link utilizing existing telephony hardware and architecture.

An Example

The customer service implications of this capability are, well, staggering! For example, a contact center handling flight bookings can reduce call times by as much as 40% by implementing Interaction Intent analysis in the IVR. Agents will no longer need to ask customers for standard flight data such as passenger names, the date and destination(s) of travel, and even payment information. As the call enters the system, carefully scripted prompts in the IVR trigger thought patterns in the caller that match Interaction Intent rules. The data gathered from the customer is then associated with the call and delivered along with that call to the agent.

In some cases, speaking with an agent may not even be necessary. In the previous example, the system could simply respond to the caller with something like: “We see that you’re interested in a flight from Indianapolis, Indiana to Seattle, Washington on Tuesday April 1st and returning Thursday April 3rd… and that you prefer flights later in the day. We have found an itinerary matching your request for $325.00 including applicable taxes. Would you like to purchase this itinerary using your VISA ending in 2344?”

A Dose of Reality

Here at CPI, we are really excited about this new technology, but as with all things new there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

  • Due to the potentially sensitive nature of Intent data, this feature requires end-to-end call and recording encryption.
  • Interaction Intent is a resource intensive application and may require additional media servers to handle the load.
  • The data provided by Interaction Intent is only as good as the trigger prompts played to the caller. Carefully defining the required data elements and prompt wording is essential.
  • We’ve had anecdotal reports from beta sites that there were occasional instances of short-term memory loss associate with the use of the TNI, but none of these could be confirmed.


What’s next?

CPI is working on the next application for this technology with a modification to the TNI that will allow for simple recognition of non-human intent. Pet hotline, anyone?

Disclaimer: Happy April Fools! While CPI is a leader in cutting edge contact center technology, they haven’t mastered mind reading…yet.  Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this ridiculously unrealistic humor!