By: The CPI Team On: May 13, 2014 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

In less than 3 weeks, Interactions 2014 begins! This is the Interactive Intelligence global conference that brings together customers, partners, analysts and the Interactive team for several days of learning, discussion and some fun. If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time – click here!

Recently, I was going through the session list and discovered there are some really good ones I want to attend. In fact, I have picked my top 5 “can’t miss” sessions for you to review:

#5  “Gamification Best Practices: improve agent KPI’s, engagement, retention & compliance”

The description says, “…how to structure and administer a gamified contact center to encourage & reward the right behaviors at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.” This sounds like a practical session where I can pick up some tips to share with you.

#4 “Advanced Remote Working Strategies for Contact Centers, Support Functions and Enterprise”

This session is on my “can’t miss” list because it’s being presented by Michele Rowan, President, Customer Contact Strategies. She’s a specialist in mastering the art of remote working.  This will be a great opportunity to hear from an expert!

#3 “Reporting and Data Changes in Customer Interaction Center (CIC) 4.0”

O.k., I’ll admit this one sounds a little bit “geeky,” but the more I dig in 4.0 reports, the more I like them!  Interactive has made some terrific improvements and every time I attend a session about reports, I find out something else that’s better for you. I might need to take an engineer with me though to help translate the “technical talk” into “business speak” for the rest of us!

#2 “Working Together: Workforce Management and Long Term Resource Planning”

This session brings together a pair of excellent presenters – Troy Plott and Ric Kosiba. I’ve heard both of them before and they know Workforce Management. They’re going to talk about optimizing both the short-term and long-term planning processes for the contact center. I’m anxious to hear more about Interactive Optimizer and Interactive Decisions as part of the contact center “tool set.”  This should be really good.

#1 Don Brown’s opening and closing sessions

O.k. – this is actually two sessions, but you don’t want to miss the two presentations Don does every year. This year, his opening presentation is, “New Model of Cloud-based Communications.”  His closing session is always a preview of “Where We’re Going.” These are always thought provoking and informative. If this will be your first time attending the conference, you should plan to arrive early at these presentations so you get a good seat!

It looks like this is going to be an excellent conference.  It was really hard to narrow this down to just 5 sessions! Tell me – what sessions are on your “can’t miss” list?