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Make 2014 the year you move to Four.0

You’ve been holding off on your CIC 4.0 upgrade waiting until the time was right.  If 2014 is the year for your business, there are several things to consider.  In parts 1 and 2 of this series, I talked about the Top 10 things to look forward to with your upgrade.  In this post, I am going to discuss infrastructure considerations as you get ready for your Four.0 upgrade.

Development System

Because your CIC server has “gone virtual,” you can now “spin up” a 4.0 virtual development server.  That gives you a chance to play around with 4.0 to see how it works.  More importantly, you can put business critical functions on 4.0 and test how they respond.  Many folks didn’t create a “dev” or test environment previously because of the hardware expense. Virtualization makes this a much more practical option for your business today.

No “In-Place” upgrade

The IC 4.0 GA release supports new installations only. Because the operating system cannot be upgraded from the 32-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2003 version supported by IC 2.4 and IC 3.0 to the 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 version supported by IC 4.0, an “in place” upgrade is not possible.  Obviously, that will impact how you lay out your upgrade project.  We are recommending that our customers approach the project as if it were a new installation – and plan accordingly.

Concurrent Licensing

IC 4.0 adds support for concurrent licensing. Concurrent licensing is supported for licenses that apply to users. The assigned license model in IC 3.0 is still available. IC 4.0 offers two different types of licenses:

Assigned (or named) – This is the current model (IC 3.0 and earlier) whereby a  license is assigned to a user and is consumed even if the user is not logged in. You  must have one license for each user to which you want to assign the license.

Concurrent license – This is a new license option in IC 4.0. The license is assigned to  a user but isn’t consumed until the user logs in. In the concurrent license model, the  license can be assigned to more users than there are licenses available; however the  number of users who can log in is limited by the total number of concurrent licenses.  For example, ten concurrent Contact Center Level 1 (CC1) licenses could be assigned  to 100 users. Only the first ten users will be able to log in and get a CC1 license. The  11th user will fail to acquire the license.

Budget Impact Checklist

After reading all of the good things coming on Four.0, you’re ready to upgrade.  Here’s a quick re-cap of a couple of things to check against your budget:

  • Plan on new servers for 4.0. These can be virtual or 64-bit
  • Review your media servers for upgrades
  • Examine your licensing to take advantage of concurrent licensing

As always, we stand by ready to help.  Make 2014 the year of the Four.0 upgrade! 

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