By: Chris Dellen On: August 21, 2014 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

We have been implementing Interactive Intelligence solutions for over a decade and one of the common requests we have received during numerous implementations was a simple conference phone solution for CEOs, executives, project managers, and everyone else who uses their office as an ad-hoc conference room….like me.

While we definitely have a solution (which is appropriate for some certain use cases), it involves purchasing a relatively expensive conference phone and physically running a cable to the phone’s location in the person’s office. This more permanent solution may be too cost prohibitive for everyone to have this permanent type of solution.

So, if you and your colleagues are tired of huddling around the tiny speaker phone on your deskset in your office, here is a simple solution that has transformed how I use my office.

I’m currently using a Polycom VVX 600 touchscreen phone (supported on CIC 4.0 SU5) and one of my favorite features is that it comes Bluetooth enabled.


















In addition, I recently picked up a Jabra Speak 510 Bluetooth conference phone.













I’ll admit that I’m somewhat of a technical geek, but it only took about 2 minutes to pair the two. All of the functions work as expected – you can raise and lower the volume as well as mute and hang-up on the Jabra conference phone. Polycom has done an incredible job making it seamless to use Bluetooth devices on their deskset. They even have a button on the phone that allows you to switch between the conference phone and handset. I can now use my new “mobile” conference phone anywhere in my office and has transformed how I have 3-5 person conference calls.

If you have questions or have ideas on other office conference solutions, I’d like to hear from you! Please drop me a line or leave a comment below.