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Make 2014 the year you move to Four.0 – Here’s why.

It’s the time of the year when we begin to look ahead. In my last blog post, I began laying out the Top 10 things you can look forward to in Customer Interaction Center (CIC) release Four.0. I got through 5 of the good things coming. Here are the remaining items on my Top 10 list.

Number 5

Mini mode

Now – THIS – is very cool! The new Interaction Client mini mode allows you to run your client using a smaller footprint. Mini mode provides a compact view of your current interactions. If you have the appropriate security right, you can switch between the full Interaction Client view and one of two smaller views. Mini mode supports all media types.
Mini mode view has these unique features:

  • Status bookmarking allows users to bookmark and show the most commonly used status messages so that they can quickly switch between them.
  • When an agent types the name of a person to dial in the make call window, the call auto-complete feature searches for the entry in the company director and call history.
  • The snap to top feature allows a user to snap the client in mini mode to the top of the screen. When there is no activity, the mini mode client automatically disappears. When an interaction arrives, or when the user moves the mouse to the top of the screen, the mini mode client reappears.
Number 4

Assistance request allows chat with supervisor

I talked about Interaction Supervisor improvements in my last post, but this one stands alone! The assistance request functionality has been improved to allow a chat “conversation” between the agent and supervisor. As soon as the chat request is accepted by the supervisor, both parties can enter text and have a real chat conversation. The supervisor also has immediate access to some key call control functions like Listen, Coach, Join and Record while typing to the agent who requested assistance.

Number 3

Recording now starts in the IVR

Interaction Recorder now allows you to capture recordings beginning in the IVR – it is “cradle to grave” recording. This is a great feature for allowing you to listen to the customer’s experience with your system – from their perspective! You’ll be surprised what you can learn listening to the customer talk to your menu (and hopefully, not yell at your menu)!

Number 2

Interaction Optimizer now allows shift bidding

This is a feature many of you have been waiting for. You can now manage your shift bidding process through Interaction Optimizer. You can use seniority, agent preferences and other key performance indicators to allow the system to make shift assignments.

Number 1

Interaction Reporter

I made this one number 1 because it’s my personal favorite (the advantage of being the blogger! ☺ ). The new Interaction Reporter package is wonderful. It is so easy and intuitive to run the report.  You can now add multiple filters (called “parameters”) for your report definitions. You can also store your settings and re-run the report with the same settings at a later time. Plus, you can share report settings with other users.  I know lots of folks are going to be pleased with that addition. The new reports include many stats call center folks want all on one piece of paper…and it allows you to “click through” from a summary into a detailed report. This alone is worth the price of admission to me.

I didn’t even mention Interaction Analyzer. That launches in 4.0 and adding that to your system means your system can tag and score calls real-time. You can then use Interaction Recorder to playback those “tagged” calls. You can set alerts in Interaction Supervisor you to notify you to monitor a call if the score is above a threshold you set.  It’s a very powerful tool.

There are 10 things to look forward to in Four.0.  But, I’m not finished.  In my next post, we’ll talk about things to consider as you prepare for your upgrade.

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