If you’ve seen our client and supervisor training videos for CIC 3.0, you might be wondering where the new videos are for the current CIC release. We actually have a good portion of the scripts written, but recently decided to change our approach to recording and releasing them.

For the last couple of video series, several of us sat down and discussed what we thought would be the most commonly used features and how to present them. But in looking at the statistics of how many people watched each video, we realized that most viewers are interested in a “just-the-basics” set of quick how-to guides. While the advanced stuff is cool, we’d like to focus on what you want to see.

By the way, if you haven’t seen our 3.0 video series, here are links to them:

Interactive Intelligence has released a couple of free video series on using the .NET and Web editions of the Interaction Client. They cover the basic every day features like placing and receiving calls, changing your status, working with directories, and more. Here’s a link.

After you’ve watched these videos, drop us a note and let us know what else you’d like to learn about. We’ll create and upload new training videos with the content that matters most to you!

FYI, a new web-based edition of the Interaction Client called Interaction Connect has also been released in CIC 2015 R2. To learn more about this and other new features, check out the What’s new in CIC 2015 R2 webinar.