By: Gavin Waggoner On: March 04, 2015 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

I recently attended a webinar that compared Interaction Dialer 3.0 to the latest release, Dialer 2015 R2. I thought it would be useful to briefly summarize those differences as a quick reference to help in your evaluation of moving from Dialer 3.0 to Dialer 2015 R2.

Here are my top 5 comparative highlights:

1. No more Workflows!  Multiple campaigns now run at the same time

    • In Dialer 3.0, workflows were required to transition agents from one campaign to another. One agent couldn’t transition at a time but rather all agents transitioned at the same time.
    • In Dialer 2015 R2, agents log on to multiple campaigns and multiple campaigns can run at the same time.

2. Campaigns now have the ability to dial scheduled calls only

    • In Dialer 3.0, workflows could either be on or off. This could cause issues where a scheduled call back needed to be performed, but the workflow was off.
    • In Dialer 2015 R2, campaigns can now be on, off, or scheduled calls only. The latter means that only calls that were rescheduled by agents and priority (JIT) calls will be dialed.


3. Blended Call Disposition

    • In Dialer 3.0, finish and reason codes were used to classify the outcome of a contact attempt. CIC used wrap up codes causing querying and reporting to be more complex.
    • In Dialer 2015 R2, wrap-up categories and wrap-up codes are used that are fully compatible with CIC. The same codes work with inbound and outbound calls.


4. Database Consolidation


    • In Dialer 3.0, there was a database for Dialer and a separate database for CIC. Each campaign required an ODBC connection.
    • In Dialer 2015 R2, databases have been consolidated to one CIC database. This means campaigns no longer have separate history, statistics and tables, and custom reports are easier to generate.


 5. Do Not Call (DNC) Enhancements

    • In Dialer 3.0, no phone number in a custom DNC file was dialed by a campaign configured to use that DNC Source. One contact could put a number on a DNC list even though two contacts that share the same number (e.g., home number- husband/wife) need to be contacted.
    • In Dialer 2015 R2, DNC processing was enhanced to provide two additional options:
      1. Exclusion by Identity (husband/wife could each have an account number in lieu of being associated with one home number).
      2. Exclusion by Expiration Time (multiple rules per timeframe rather than multiple polices to be evaluated for every call).


In addition to my 5 highlights listed above, there are a few other enhancements found in Dialer 2015 R2 that may interest you as well.

    • Central Campaign Server Switchover is now supported.
    • More granular time selection – down to the second as opposed to 15 minute increments in 3.0.
    • Manual Calling Feature- provides organizations a way to make a manual call on a separate Outbound Dialing Server that is devoid of any automated dialing capabilities along with the same management capabilities.
    • Preview Countdown Timer – automatically places the call if the agent does not dial the contact within a configurable number of seconds.
    • New Update Release Model – CIC releases and Dialer releases will now be contiguous- for example, Dialer 2015 R1 will ONLY work with CIC 2015 R1, Dialer 2015 R2 will ONLY work with CIC 2015 R2.


I don’t know about you but I like what I’m seeing with these new enhancements! If you have any questions about the latest Dialer release or would like to learn more about Interaction Dialer, pleasedrop us an email. We’d like to hear from you!