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In this series “3 Pillars of Workforce Management”, I have discussed the importance of a Real – Time Analyst (the eyes and ears of the call centers) and the Forecaster (the person(s) that drives the goals of the call center). Now let’s complete this series and delve into the third and final pillar, the Reporting Specialist.


 Pulls everything together

The Reporting Specialist has the ability to take the short and long-term goals of the call center and create reports that will tell the story of the entire call center. He or she has the responsibility for data integrity and data reporting to support operations and the decision makers.

Reports are seen by most if not all of the upper management team – from the call center manager, director, Senior VP and COO. It takes a true professional to pull the data together to clearly and concisely paint an accurate picture of the state of the center.

Knows the audience

The Reporting Specialists knows that too much information for some managers is overwhelming and too little information leaves important information out of the reports. It’s a real science to balance the expectations of each executive and understand the questions each one wants to know. It’s been my experience that most executives want reports that give them a clear picture of how well the supporting staff did at meeting the company goals. Were we plus or minus monthly, quarterly or yearly? Did we meet service level goals? Did we or will we meet our budgetary goals?

When providing information, the Reporting Specialist must be able to present each topic in countless formats, such as charts, graphs, diagrams and grids.


The right tools to do the job well

During my time within Workforce Management, having the right tools to provide clear and concise information was imperative. Interactive Intelligence has the Workforce Management platform and reports that will allow your Reporting Specialist to pull all of the information needed within a few clicks. There are Queue reports that include a summary and detailed reports. Furthermore, Interaction Reports provides agent reports as a summary as well and just by clicking the hyperlink embedded within the report you automatically reveal the detail report. For the users convenience, all of these reports can be exported in a variety of formats (excel, html, pdf and text).



Whether an inbound or outbound call center Interactive Intelligence gives your Reporting Specialist all of the necessary data he or she needs to analyze your call center and give the decision makers a peace of mind when determining those short and long-term goals.


Here’s a video to help you get the most out of your reports:


Do you have a workforce management platform that equips your Reporting Specialist with the right tools to do the job well? If you’re interested in learning more about how CPI can help enhance your WFM initiatives, drop us a line. We’d be happy to help!

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