May 5 was the big release day for CIC 2015 R3! In this post, I am going to highlight 4 of the new features and their functionalities.

1. Interaction Desktop General Availability

There is a new Interaction Client for 2015 R3 called Interaction Desktop. It includes all of the functionality of the Interaction Client .NET edition such as interaction types (calls, callbacks, chats, email, and work items) as well as integrations with third-party applications such as Microsoft Lync. It contains new custom workspaces containing views appropriate to a single task, such as managing chats or callbacks along with dedicated views for managing email messages. Interaction Desktop also contains new email views providing a full email application experience with email folders, email message preview, and an improved email editor giving agents more flexibility and convenience. A migrator tool converts existing Interaction Client .NET Edition client templates and user settings to Interaction Desktop client templates and settings.


2. Secure IVR Playback

Secure Input IVR is an optional software license on CIC 4.0 and higher and helps customers meet PCI compliance standards. With the Secure IVR Playback feature, callers in an Interactive Voice Response session can now enter DTMF digits securely through a telephone keypad and hear the corresponding DTMF digits as feedback. Call recordings and keyword spotting diagnostic recordings do not include the entered digits. The digits are not present in log or tracing files, other people on the phone cannot hear them, and they are encrypted between all points within the CIC system to ensure security and to meet PCI compliance standards. The Secure IVR Playback feature works for internal calls, external calls, and ACD-routed calls.

3. Hold Time Recording Search and Display in Recording Media Details

Any business can benefit from data provided by long hold times such as evaluating cost, efficiency, and quality of handling interactions. Understanding how long hold times effect customer satisfaction and the ability to better evaluate agent performance can go a long way in improving the bottom line. CIC 2015 R3 adds the ability to search recordings based on hold time criteria such as hold/transfer, hold during the interaction and total hold time. A new tab in ICBM (Interaction Center Business Manager) displays the number of times that an agent places a caller on hold during a recording, the total amount of time that a caller is on hold during a recording, and a list of all the individual holds with duration.

4. IPA Process Automation Server (PAS) Version 2

Interaction Process Automation (IPA) provides the tools to automate business processes and queue them as work items like CIC does with any other interaction (e.g., voice, chat etc.). The primary engine or brain of IPA is called Process Automation Server (PAS). CIC 2015 R3 introduces PAS Version 2 and completely re-architected to provide significant overall performance improvements. It provides capacity for many more users, processes, work items, and system variables than in PAS v1 as well as clustering scalability (N+1).


I hope you enjoyed discovering a few of the new features of CIC 2015 R3! If you’d like to learn more about what’s new with Interactive Intelligence CIC 2015 R3, please drop me an email. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions!