CIC 2016 R1 was released on November 3, 2015. Last month, CPI posted a blog regarding CIC 2016 and the removal of Interaction Client .NET Edition and the new Microsoft .NET framework requirement. In this blog, I’d like to provide a high level overview of some other items included in this release.

1. Public Access to Technical Content

  • Starting in CIC 2016 R1, both the CIC Documentation Library and Just In Time videos are available without a login- here is the website to have a look:
  • The Developer Portal no longer requires a login- here is the website to have a look:
  • Customers and Partners now have easier access to technical resources

 2. Remote Providers for Interactive Update

  • Remote instances of Interactive Update servers are now supported- these servers hold copies of the update files so that the files only need to be pulled once across the WAN- CIC clients at different locations can then pull updates from the remote content providers over the LAN, using less WAN bandwidth and improving the time to apply updates

3. Interaction Administrator Change Log Enhancements

  • This enhancement includes new database tables and views with detailed information about changes made in Interaction Administrator related to Users, Workgroups, Skills, and Licenses
  • Remember to only enable this enhancement during non-peak production hours as additional computing resources are required and be sure all CIC clients are upgraded to CIC 2016 R1 or later

4. Interaction Marquee Improvements

  • CIC 2016 R1 includes an initial phase of development work to ensure that the application is deployed more efficiently in the field, customers can more easily create packages, and the application is more reliable and stable in call center environments
  • Improvements include switchover reliability, additional detail regarding failures, recovery improvements and LDAP synchronization improvements

5. Interaction Dialer Support Added to IC Web Services (ICWS)

  • ICWS now provides the ability to perform various Interaction Dialer related operations such as:
    1. Log in and out of Interaction Dialer campaigns and mark agents as ready for calls
    2. Request breaks from taking Interaction Dialer interactions
    3. Provide access to system facilities, such as sending a notification to one or more custom handlers and subscribing hander-sent notifications

6. Quality Improvement with Analyzer Results Data and Analyzer Reports

  • Interaction Center Business Manager (ICBM) now includes a Keywords tab with more scores and more data to help better fine tune for improved accuracy
  • New Analyzer Keyword Hit Report- this an at-a-glance summary of Keyword Categories for a specific date or time period with hyperlinks to drill down to more information

7. Interaction Recorder- Failed Recording -Application Log Error Warning

  • Interaction Recorder tracks unsuccessful recording attempts, however, all recording media types (screen, email, chat etc.) are reflected in the same unsuccessful recording statistic
  • This improvement addresses the need to know what type of recording failed (and take action if necessary) as audio recording requirements can carry heavy penalties and SLAs for certain customers, while unsuccessful recording of other media types such as screen, email and chat are typically less critical

8. Interaction Optimizer Improvements

  • Workforce management administrators can now:
    1. In a time-off accrual plan, set a negative time-off accrual balance
    2. Modify multiple activities in the schedule editor to prevent the system from forcing time value lengths to be a multiple of 15 minutes- this is useful for bringing agents back into adherence
    3. The Scheduling Unit’s configuration view now includes the ability to enable or disable calibration- if calibration is enabled, then scheduling and re-forecasting will look at public shed schedules or actual agent activity information in the recent past, along with historic service performance, and adjust requirements accordingly

This is by no means a complete list of the enhancements included in CIC 2016 R1, so feel free to reach out to CPI to learn more!