Developing and testing of new call flows often involves placing or answering calls in a development CIC environment. While it is definitely possible to have more than one phone on your desk, why not configure one phone to register with both your production and development systems?

Note: these instructions assume that you are familiar with managed IP phones and how they register with CIC. If you’re not comfortable with this process, check out this video (it’s for CIC 3.0, but the principles are the same).


Step 1 – DNS SRV Configuration

Make sure you have host records and DNS SRV records for your development CIC system just like you would for your production system. In this example, let’s assume you chose as the name of the forward lookup zone. You’ll need the following records:

  • Host record for 1st CIC server that resolves to its voice IP address (the address linked to the <Stations-UDP> SIP line)
  • Host record for 2nd CIC server in the switchover pair
  • Service record  for 1st CIC server
  • Service record for 2nd CIC server

Verify by entering the following commands in a command prompt:

set type=srv

The results should include 2 service records and 2 hostname resolutions.


Step 2 – Registration Group

Create a new Registration Group with Type = External






Now Add… a new DNS SRV registration entry that points to the domain.











Step 3 – Development SIP Station


Create a new unmanaged SIP station on the development CIC system.








Step 4 – Phone Configuration

Open the configuration dialog for your managed IP phone and Add… a new External Registration








And configure it…

  • The Identification Address should match the address configured for the SIP station that was created on the development system in Step 3
  • Select the Registration Group that was created in Step 2








Step 5 – Reload Your Phone

Congratulations! After a reload, your phone should now be registered with both your production and development systems allowing you to place or receive calls on either.


If you have any questions, just drop me a line. I’d be happy to help!