By: Jessica Dellen On: June 09, 2015 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Interactions 2015 is off to a great start here in Indianapolis! The welcome reception last night was the first of many opportunities I hope to have to talk with vendors, partners, and customers to find out what the hot topics are in customer experience and technical operations management. Also, congratulations to the ININ Partners who won awards last night.

If you are attending, download the conference app to manage your schedule and interact with other attendees. Search for “Interactions 2015” in the app store of your choice.

ININ University

I spent a few minutes talking with the ININ Education folks last night and got a look at the new Interaction University website. This is a great place to visit for anyone who wants to learn about ININ products and concepts. Here’s how:

  • Browse to
  • From the Services menu, select Education Services
  • Click the “Sign up HERE!” link to create an ININ Portal account
  • Then select ININ University from the ININ App Home… or browse to

Custom Queue Columns

Have you ever wished that you could see a particular piece of information right along with a call or other interaction? Perhaps the customer entered an account number in a self-service IVR or you’d like to see the skill(s) assigned to the call. Now you can.

The Queue Columns container in Interaction Administrator allows a CIC administrator to create custom columns for interaction attributes that can (with the proper permissions) be displayed in any queue view.

To create and view a new custom queue column:

  • Browse to the Queue Columns container in Interaction Administrator
  • Create and name a new column
  • Enter an interaction attribute name, select its data type, and save
  • Browse to the Access Control security dialog for the desired object (I like to use roles to assign permissions), and find the Queue Columns section
  • Check the View permission for the new column (or verify that *[All] is selected if there should not be any restrictions)
  • In a queue view, right-click on the column headers and select the new column


I hope you found the tip on how to create custom queue columns helpful. Stay tune for tomorrow’s Interactions 2015 update and ININ tip!

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