You may have noticed an increase in the frequency of CIC releases. This is in keeping with Interactive Intelligence’s new development model which includes faster and higher quality release cycles. In this blog I’d like to highlight the latest release, CIC 2015 R4 which was made available on August 11, 2015.

Interaction Connect: you might remember in my blog on CIC 2015 R2 I mentioned the introduction of Interaction Connect, the new version of Interaction Client Web Edition (curious as to which client is best suited for your situation? we are happy to walk you through your options). CIC 2015 R4 adds some helpful new features to the client, including:

  • New Directory Types – such as general, station groups, and workgroups along with both public and private email system based contact lists.
  • Desktop Memos – which will now show in the Interaction Connect client. This allows supervisors and administrators to quickly and easily communicate with Connect client users.
  • Assistance Requests – which will allow agents to easily request assistance from workgroup supervisors to quickly resolve issues.
  • Account Codes – agents can now assign account codes to interactions. An account code is an identifying set of numbers that is assigned to an account name that agents can add to CIC to associate outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Single Sign-on Workflow Improvements which includes much better look and feel and allows the user to select defaults to help speed up the logon process.

As you might guess, Interaction Connect has been significantly improved, making it an attractive option for more of your users. And by the way, no desktop installation!

SAML Metadata Import:
Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) facilitates Single Sign-on (SSO) in a web browser. SAML Metadata Import simplifies the process of adding new identity providers in Interaction Administrator. Using the identity provider’s XML metadata, Interaction Administrator allows users to pick and choose claims instead of having to add them manually. This greatly simplifies and reduces the time needed to configure a single sign-on provider in CIC and reduces the chance of incorrectly set parameters.

Improved Searching in Interaction Recorder for Interaction Analyzer (voice analytics) Data:
this improvement enhances the ability to locate recordings based on keyword spotting results and allows fine tuning of key words. This makes it easier and quicker to use voice analytics to improve contact center processes. There are also new search attributes resulting in new columns and grids in those search results which can be exported in CSV, Excel, and PDF.

Interaction Optimizer Agent-Initiated Shift Trading:
agents can now trade whole or partial shifts with other agents based on business rules that the scheduling administrator configures. Those business rules include things like min/max weekly hours, membership in service goals, workgroups, or interaction types that determine whether the trade should be approved automatically or queued for the scheduling administrator to review. WFM administrators will appreciate the time saved by this enhancement and agents will feel a new sense of empowerment.

If you have any additional questions, Contact CPI for more information on the latest release of CIC!