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In an effort to continually improve the content we deliver to you, we looked back over the years and compiled our reader’s top 9 most popular contact center blog posts.

We invite you to take a minute and explore these 9 posts then share with us in the comments which is your favorite. Every couple weeks when we send you an email, we want to make sure they’re helpful and useful to you, today.

Number 9: 6 Best Practices for Implementing Knowledge Management for Your Contact Center Agents and Customers

Would your customers get the same answer if they asked two different contact center agents the same question? Would your agent’s response be the same as the information posted on your website, mobile app, or Facebook page? Chances are that your answer is no. And you aren’t alone. Continue Reading >>


Number 8: 10 Tips to Managing Inbound Emails in your Contact Center Part 1

Inbound email can be one of the most disorganized, inefficient, unsupervised, and unmeasured communication channels in the contact center. With our customers’ expectations climbing at an unprecedented rate, it is a communication channel that can’t be left behind.

Through experience and research, I have discovered 10 effective ways to help contact center supervisors overcome the inbound email challenge. Continue Reading >>


Number 7: 10 Tips to Managing Inbound Emails in your Contact Center Part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, inbound email can be one of the most inefficient, disorganized and unmeasured channels of communication in the contact center. Here are the final 5 tips to help you reign in and better manage those inbound emails: Continue Reading >>


Number 6: High Tech, High Touch Customer Service

You Need to Read This! I’ve never told folks who read our blog that you have to do something. I’ve made suggestions, recommendations and hopefully, a few thought-provoking statements. But this time, I’m telling you. You need to read the book “High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service” by Micah Solomon. Here’s my summary: Continue Reading >>


Number 5: The Powerful Benefits of Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Today, customer experience is at the forefront of company strategy across industries worldwide. According to a recent Gartner survey, 89% of companies surveyed plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016. However, fewer than half the companies surveyed rated their customer experience as exceptional today, but two-thirds expect it to be so in two years. In order to thrive in today’s customer empowered environment, companies need to deliver the best customer experiences when, where and how customers want it. Continue Reading >>


Number 4: Quantifying the Impact of Good Customer Service

These days, most goods and services are commodities, making product differentiation a challenge. However, top companies are realizing in this customer-centric era, the best way to differentiate their company is by the experience they deliver to customers, not on the products they sell. Continue Reading >>


Number 3: Agent Desktop: the Contact Center’s Secret Productivity Killer

I have been sitting in contact centers for years listening to calls, crunching numbers, speaking with everyone from CEO’s to agents. I am continually amazed at what is on an agent’s desktop. On average, I see agents tabbing, clicking and dragging between 10 – 20 unique programs and windows. Continue Reading >>


Number 2: Contact Center Technology Trends – 7 Practical Steps to Prepare for 2020

By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. (Source –Gartner).

Who hasn’t heard the term “look where you’re going”, usually referring to someone who isn’t paying attention. In the case of 2020, and Gartner’s prediction, the phrase takes a different meaning; you need to look where you’re going with customer interactions. Continue Reading >>


Number 1: How to Design Good Call Flows

Often, the first interaction that customers have with your company is with your phone system, and a good first impression is critical to the relationship with these customers. This requires great, well-designed call flows. Continue Reading >>


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