The Customer Interaction Center (CIC) from Interactive Intelligence has many amazing features and capabilities… but has always been a bit limited when it comes to managing phone numbers and their assignments throughout the system.

It is easy to assign and route phone numbers to CIC objects such as Attendant profiles, users, workgroups, etc. But figuring out where phone numbers are already assigned or used by the system is a huge pain. Often the easiest way to figure it out is to call the number in question and look at the trace logs to see where it went.

By the way, I have a proposed solution posted on – please vote for it here.

The other day I finally got tired enough of this problem that I decided to write a simple workaround to give some information about what numbers are assigned to what objects in the system. It is a simple custom handler application that generates a CSV file as an output. The instructions assume that you are a CIC administrator and are familiar with custom handlers and Interaction Administrator. If not, please don’t try to do this your self – ask your system administrator or support contact for assistance.

Here’s an example of the output…


















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