By: David Currier On: June 10, 2015 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Tuesday was a packed day at Interactions 2015The opening general sessions were excellent and focused on customer service concepts and showing off new features in CIC and PureCloud.

Customer Experience Tools

An interesting tool that was mentioned is the Gunning Fog Index which analyzes written text and scores how “readable” it is by estimating the years of formal education required to understand it on a first reading. It turns out that my blog post from yesterday has a score of 13.21.

Copy/Paste text from your organization’s website or documentation to see how readable it is… then try to simplify it. Here’s the link: Gunning Fog Index

Another useful tip was the Customer Effort Score 2.0. This is a scaled survey question that predicts customer loyalty based on the level of effort required by a customer to work with an organization to handle an issue.

ININ Developer Portal

If you develop custom applications for ININ products (handlers, add-ins using public APIs, etc.), stop by the ININ Developer Portal.

The portal includes a developer blog with news and tips, API documentation and quick reference guides, a forum for development questions, and an open source library. This is a great place to learn and interact with other ININ developers.

CIC Tip: Stand-alone Phone Directory

A common request I get is a way to view stand-alone phones in a directory in the Interaction Client just like user directories. While it is possible to create “faux” users that re-direct to phones so that they can be viewed in the Company Directory, there is a simpler solution:

  • Create a station group
  • Add the desired phones to the station group (conference room phones, for example)
  • Add the station group as a new view in the Interaction Client – this will add a phone directory view for all of the phones in the group

There you have it. Simple as 1-2-3!

I hope you’re finding the daily Interactions 2015 updates and tip helpful! Tomorrow is the last day of Interactions 2015 so stay tune for one last update and tip.

If you missed yesterday’s post, check out June 9 Interactions 2015 Update and tip on creating custom queue columns.


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