By: Gavin Waggoner On: May 13, 2016 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

CIC 2016 R3 was released May 3, 2016. In this post, I’d like to highlight 4 new features I found interesting in this release.

PureCloud for CIC Integration (Phase 1)

Phase 1 of the PureCloud for CIC Integration will enable CIC users to take advantage of the collaborative features available in PureCloud and brings users into a single environment for seamless communication between CIC and PureCloud only users. This phase includes:

  • User information and status synchronization – CIC user information (e.g., name, numbers, department, status etc.) are synced into a paired PureCloud organization
  • Interaction Connect user access to PureCloud Collaborate – launch PureCloud Collaborate directly from Interaction Connect via a Collaborate button in the client
  • Configuration in Interaction Administrator – use an existing or create a new PureCloud organization – the PureCloud Admin user will have permissions in both CIC and PureCloud once setup is complete
Interaction Connect Improvements
  • Secure Pause – given the necessary security rights, an agent can now initiate a secure recording pause when requesting sensitive data (e.g., credit card number) via a Secure Pause icon on the queue toolbar
  • Wrap-up Codes – a user can now set a wrap-up code on an ACD interaction through the Interaction Properties dialog box or the Assign a Wrap-Up Code dialog box. Administrators can associate wrap-up codes with any workgroup queue and reports are available to categorize call details by wrap-up codes
  • Dial on Behalf of Workgroups – an agent with advanced dialing options (enabled by an administrator), is a member of at least one workgroup, and has at least one account code to select will now see an Advanced Dialing Options dialog box every time a call is started prompting the agent to assign the appropriate account code and/or designate a workgroup – this enables the call to count towards an agent’s and the workgroup’s statistics
Internet-Enabled Clients and Reporting 

Interaction Reporter, Report Manager in Interaction Administrator, and Interaction Report Assistant are available in IC Business Manager (ICBM). Internet-enabled reporting allows reporting services to execute without a direct connection from a workstation to the database server – ICBM reports can be configured to use a proxy configuration and a secure tunnel between Interaction Reporter and the reporting plug-in establishes a connection to the database. Also, IceLib applications in general (e.g., Interaction Desktop) can connect via the Internet using a publicly available reverse-proxy and WebSocket connection to Session Manager (along with other proper configuration).

Interaction Recorder Snippet Recordings

Available in Interaction Recorder, a snippet recording is a segment of a call or chat that is recorded and is manually stopped and started by a supervisor or agent via Interaction Desktop or Interaction Connect (or a through a handler). This is useful for organizations which require the ability to retain a portion of a conversation for legal purposes or for obtaining permission from a customer to proceed with an activity. This is a bit different than an Adhoc recording in that Interaction Recorder manages snippets which enables reporting, policies, encryption and other Interaction Recorder capabilities.


These are only a few of the new features of CIC 2016 R3. Contact us today to learn more!