CIC 2016 R2 was released February 9, 2016!  In this post, I’d like to share 7 highlights I found of interest from this release.

1. Interaction Connect

ININ’s new browser-based interaction manager offers call control functionality, chat features, and status management along with directories with contact and status information. Interaction Connect is run from the browser – no components are installed on the desktop. Here are some improvements to Interaction Connect in this release:

    • Now supports ACD-routed email messages like any other interaction – users will see them in Interaction Connect like any other interaction. Also, email message replies are now included CIC reports and statistics.
    • Email messages now support font, size, color, highlighting, insertion of links and more.
    • Response Management – this enables the use of pre-defined items, such as messages and stored files, to more quickly handle interactions (a future release will allow users to create and manage their own personal responses).
    • Benefits – speed up the user experience!

2. Interaction Process Automation Off-Server Install

IPA is ININ’s Business Process Automation application and provides the tools to automate just about any common process. It can distribute and queue work items just as it does with any other interaction. New in this release:

  • CIC 2016 R2 now supports IPA installed in an off-server instance of Interaction Process Automation version 2.
  • Process Automation Server version 2, which released in CIC 2015 R3, provides greater scalability and N+1 capabilities.


3. Email Attachment Download Improvements

Email attachments now download out-of-band using HTTP file transfer. This improvement significantly reduces the time it takes to download attachments, especially for connections with latency, like a WAN or slower connections.


4. Interaction Quality Manager Improvements

Interaction Quality Manager now provides the ability to force the Interaction Screen Recorder Capture Client to log on to only a specific single sign-on (SSO) identity provider – no need to login to both SSO and Interaction Screen Recorder Client! Regarding recordings, the local party name is now visible in IC Business Manager to allow administrators to identify users or stations that need the Recorder Add-on license. This eliminates the need to scour the logs or run manual database queries to determine which users or stations are missing the required license.


5. Interaction Text-to-Speech

With the release of 2016 R2 comes a new product called Interaction Text to Speech (ITTS). ITTS will run natively on the Media Server and will initially support U.S. English (en-US), Australian English (en-AU), Great Britain English (en-GB), Canadian French (fr-CA), and German (de-DE).

6. New Interaction Dialer Reports

CIC 2016 R2 offers new Dialer Reports, including:

  • Best Time to Call Analysis Report – this report displays an hourly breakdown of contacts, right party contacts, and success rates for one or more campaign groups.
  • Call Answer Distribution – this report displays summary data and a graphical analysis of the number of seconds it takes to answer Interaction Dialer calls. This data provides guidance for setting the no-answer timeout value.


7. REST API Support to Configure the Media Server

Media Servers can now be configured using the REST API, which makes implementing a large number of media servers much simpler.


These are just 7 of the improvements and enhancements in this latest release. If you’d like additional information, please contact us today. We’d be happy to share more insights with you!