By: Gavin Waggoner On: August 23, 2016 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

CIC 2016 R4 was released August 9, 2016. In this post, I’d like to highlight a few new features I found interesting in this release.

PureCloud for CIC Integration (phases 2 and 3)

Building on the features available in PureCloud for CIC Phase 1, Phases 2 and 3 include:

  • A PureCloud Directory view in Interaction Desktop and Interaction Connect – this allows CIC users to see all PureCloud and CIC users in a single directory and view detailed user information including calling, transferring calls to, and conferencing with PureCloud users
  • CIC and PureCloud user status synchronization – CIC users can set their primary presence source (or status) to either CIC or PureCloud; this ensures their PureCloud presence is driven by CIC status and their PureCloud availability is based on their CIC status
  • The ability to view the status of PureCloud bridges and connectors in Interaction Administrator – Admins will see a Bridge Status tab in the Interaction Administrator PureCloud Configuration dialog box as well as remove and change the paired PureCloud organization

Remember, from a licensing standpoint, the PureCloud for CIC Integration is free to CIC customers providing the ability to upgrade to paid PureCloud services as new features and functionality become available.

Improved Scalability

CIC 2016 R4 brings improved scalability now supporting up to 20,000 configured users and 10,000 active agents on a single CIC instance. These improvements include:

  • RemocoServer (Remote Monitoring and Control) has been converted to a 64-bit application to allow for valid virtual machine performance counters
  • Improvements to the performance of the StatServerAgent subsystem (handles agent statistics)
  • The StatAlertServer subsystem (handles alert statistics) includes improvements to the performance and reduced memory footprint
  • Off-server Session Manager (a subsystem connection point for client apps) has been improved to eliminate crashes while running at large scale
  • Bandwidth requirements have been reduced between the StatAlertServer and off-server Session Manager subsystem

SMS Improvements

  • The original text message is now linked with a reply and preserves the entire SMS text conversation
  • SMS routing has been improved and can route replies to the original agent or use keywords to route the reply to another agent or queue
  • Selected Interactive Intelligence approved SMS brokers now support delivery receipts
  • Using multiple SMS brokers has been improved with simplified configuration
  • Agents can choose different outbound numbers and even different SMS broker accounts for each outbound SMS message use case – take advantage of lower rates for person to person outbound messages

Polycom Phones VVX 101 and 201 Support

  • CIC 2016 R4 now supports Polycom VVX 101 and VVX 201 as managed phones – the phone firmware is based on Polycom release 5.4.0a

SIP 100/200 TLS Functionality

  • CIC 2016 R4 includes TLS/SRTP support for AudioCodes 420HD, Interaction SIP Station I, and Interaction SIP Station II

There are many other new features in this release, including AT&T Certification (IP Toll-Free and the related Transfer Connect service) with CIC, Compliance and Security improvements, Interaction Recorder Configuration Options for Amazon Web Services, Interaction Optimizer Enhancements and more! Take a look at the Release Notes which provide a high-level overview of all of the new features:

Want to learn more about this release or other ININ features? Please drop us an email – we’re here to answer your questions!