By: David Currier On: December 20, 2016 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Recently, we’ve had some requests to modify the base CIC/PureCloud functionality to add voice messages to callback requests.

If not already available at the time of this writing, we expect this feature to be added to PureCloud soon… so not an issue. In CIC, however, the callback request form that pops for an agent cannot be easily modified to add this behavior. This was an interesting problem to solve, so I figured I would share the steps I went through.

At first, I considered a custom client button that could be pressed to check for a message attached to a callback request. But this wouldn’t work so well with CIC for Salesforce users or other embedded CTI implementations… and it isn’t automated.

The method I decided to use leverages the base Attendant callback functionality as well as custom handlers.

Here are the steps to create the callback and associated message:

  1. Caller requests callback
  2. Prompt caller to choose their ANI or to enter a custom phone number at which they can be reached
  3. Prompt caller to record a brief message stating the nature of their call and any special instructions for reaching them (dial an extension, etc.)
  4. Generate callback request
  5. Notify caller that callback request has been received and disconnect

When the callback is picked up by an agent:

  1. The system looks up the station that the user is logged into and connects to it
  2. A menu is played to the agent notifying them whether or not a message is associated with the callback request and, if so, allow the agent to play it
  3. When complete, the message is deleted and the agent completes the callback request as usual in the callback request form

I also considered where to store the recorded messages and opted to save them on the CIC server in a replicated directory so that the messages would still be accessible in the event of a server failure or switchover. The message filename is linked to the callback request via an interaction Attribute.


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