As many of you know, CIC’s supervisory tool is called, not surprisingly, Interaction Supervisor. It is a Windows-based, graphical user interface (GUI) application for supervisory control and monitoring of agents and systems. Interaction Supervisor provides a graphical “dashboard” view of a wide variety of statistical information, such as call abandon rates, queue statistics, and more. But did you know there is also a version of Supervisor for iPad Edition?

Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition is for mobile CIC contact center supervisors who want to monitor agents and queue activity from their mobile device. This iOS app is available from Apple’s App Store (I should mention iPad is a trademark of Apple, Inc.). You can search for it like you would for any other Apple app you are interested in. Even better, discounted iPad Supervisor licensing is available when paired with existing Interaction Supervisor add-on licensing. You read that right – discounted! You can actually match the number of existing ICBM Supervisor add-on licenses with the same number of discounted Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition licenses.

Following are a just some of the features, benefits and screen shots associated with Supervisor iPad Edition:


1. Agent locator gives supervisors an overall picture of agent activity

  • Ability to see and control an agent’s presence
  • Graphical floor plan layout
  • Ability to see an overview of an agent’s skills
  • Agent Statistics View (see key statistics, photos, and agent presence)

2. Configurable dashboard with tiles shows real-time statistics and service levels

  • Workgroups
  • Queues
  • Agents
  • Speech Analytics scores
  • Intervals
  • Deeper drill into key statistics
  • Real-time alerts, the same ones inside Interaction Supervisor but viewable in the iPad Edition
  • Manage Supervisor Assistance Requests
  • Live call monitoring


  • Make decisions rapidly based on real-time statistics and alerts
  • Get insight into outlying performers within the contact center to initiate change
  • Monitor and manage the center from anywhere, at any time, with only a data connection back to the contact center


If you’d like to learn more about Interaction Supervisor for iPad, drop us a line!