By: Derrick Chin On: August 29, 2016 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

As the summer begins to wind down, kids are going back to school, the air conditioning spends less time on, and preseason football is in full swing.

I love when preseason football starts, it means that the real deal is just around the corner. It’s also fun to get a view inside the inner workings of our favorite teams. How are they going to get the team from 90 players down to 53? What schemes are they going to use for offense? For defense? Is your team’s strategy going to get them a ticket to the big event?

Those same questions happen within our contact centers. Late summer/early fall is the perfect time to start your “preseason.” Here are some “preseason” checks to make sure that you have the team strategy that can help you to get to the big event.

Who is on your roster?

Professional football teams spend the entire preseason evaluating their players to gauge their fit with the system. Do these players have what it takes to retain a spot on the final 53-man roster? In your business, there are no roster restrictions, but just like in professional football, each person is hired to perform a role and they are evaluated based on their performance in that role. Does your team have the players necessary to help you reach the goals of your contact center? Would your team benefit from more veterans, or should you explore making room on your team for rookies that may reinvigorate your team?

Is your game strategy ready for the regular season?

Coaches pride themselves on having a game strategy that can out-think their opponents. Each preseason is a chance for the coach to try out slight tweaks in their game strategy, with the goal of matching scheme to team ability. Preseason in a contact center can be rethinking how you approach your business. There are no guarantees that what you experienced last year will happen again this year. The only thing that we know is what we would have liked to change from last season. Create a strategy for positive changes.

The preseason is the perfect time for these exercises. If you need some guidance, CPI has more than 30 years of experience in the contact center realm. We would love to help your team build a winning strategy.

Happy Preseason!