By: Lanette Thurman On: June 24, 2016 In: Interactive Intelligence, Pure Cloud Comments: 0

In my 25+ years in the call center environment, I’ve recognized one area that doesn’t get the attention it deserves – Quality Assurance. Those are the people who listen to the representative calls and provide timely feedback concerning the knowledge, customer service skills and tone of the call.

Call center representatives’ quality score is often a huge part of annual bonuses and raises and also plays an important part in potential promotion or the need for additional training. Scoring calls gives the upper management team a pulse on how well the customer service is and gives an insight as to whether the correct information is being given.

PureCloud has simplified this process! The new PureCloud Engage Quality Management suite offers easy to build evaluation forms. With just a click of a button, the quality monitoring forms can be built and provide the variety of options that are needed in order to give relevant and thorough feedback.




Gone are the days of having to find the recording to listen to. With the PureCloud Engage Quality Management suite, you have the option to build policies to deliver the correct recording to the quality auditor based on the following:

Inbound/outbound call direction
Specific agent
Specific wrap-up code
Media type
Date ranges
Duration of the call
This allows for “fairness” that at times plagues the call center floor when determining what calls are being listened to. Based on the policies, the calls are delivered to the inbox of the auditor and ensures a random sample of the calls the agent takes.



From easily building evaluation forms to delivering the correct agent calls to the correct auditor, this tool is a game changer for a contact center’s Quality Assurance department. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! PureCloud is a robust tool that can boost customer experience, improve numerous internal efficiencies and much more.

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