By: Gavin Waggoner On: March 24, 2016 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Interactive Intelligence offers three platform options to meet the many needs of customers.

1. Premise based (CIC)

2. Single tenant cloud (CaaS)

3. Multi-tenant cloud (PureCloud)

PureCloud is an Enterprise-grade cloud services platform for Collaboration, Communications, and Customer Engagement. Today, I’d like to share with you the backbone of PureCloud and the platform it’s built on – Amazon Web Services (AWS).

First, a little background on Amazon. Most of us know Amazon as a virtual storefront offering just about any item one can think of, with many purchasing and delivery options, membership options and cool features like product reviews, Q&A’s, personal and public wish lists, recommendations based upon what you are currently considering (one of my favorites and a great business strategy), clever advertising techniques and the list goes on. To support this global virtual storefront, Amazon had to build a flexible and scalable infrastructure which required their own team of savvy folks to make it happen. Expanding beyond the Amazon storefront offerings, in 2006 they launched simple storage service (Amazon S3) and continually added services to what has blossomed into Amazon Web Services. The skill and speed they employed to make this happen had and continues to have its competitors scrambling to keep up.

Today, Amazon Web Services leads the industry in providing data center services offering 5 times the capacity of the next 14 cloud providers combined!  If you’ve ever used Netflix, then guess what? You’ve enjoyed it by means of AWS! As you can see, the picture begins to become clear as to why Interactive has chosen the AWS platform to support PureCloud. Providing global cloud infrastructure and foundation services, this distributed cloud architecture was the ultimate fit for a next generation UC platform.

Put in a nutshell, there are 4 key reasons Interactive chose Amazon Web Services for the PureCloud platform:

  1. Reliability – AWS has a proven uptime beyond any of its competitors with 99.99% or greater uptime of their cloud applications.understanding_purecloud
  2. Security – the PureCloud platform leverages the security services offered by Amazon data centers and AWS, AWS having achieved the following certifications: SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, HIPAA, SSAE‐16, ISAE 3402, PCI, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, DIACAP,FISMA, ITAR, FIPS 140‐2, CSA, MPAA. Also, consider the fact that a portion of NASDAQ runs on AWS! For additional information, check out the following links:
  3. Resiliency – AWS provides auto scaling groups (ASG) and elastic load balancers (ELB) across multiple availability zones (AZ).
    • An ASG is a group designed to automatically launch or terminate computing resource instances based on user-defined policies, schedules, and health checks.
    • An ELB is a load balancer which distributes incoming traffic across your computing instances, enabling you to increase the availability of your application.
    • An AZ is an AWS location which can be located almost anywhere on the globe. Each zone is engineered to be insulated from failures in other locations and PureCloud services are load-balanced across the zones.
  4. Serviceability – the AWS Global infrastructure currently includes 11 regions, 28 availability zones, and 52 edge locations and continues to expand to meet the needs of geographically distributed organizations.

Would you like to learn more about how PureCloud can help your organization? Please click here and let us know how we can help.