By: Chris Dellen On: August 05, 2016 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Recently, I led a CX journey mapping session for a client. I was helping them map their customer survey process. For many organizations, this is a giant black hole.

During the session, one of the participants shared an incredible experience she had with a well-known restaurant chain. After receiving outstanding service, she commended her server and the management team. For most organizations, that is where the story would have ended.

However, a few weeks later she received a handwritten card from the management team. Not only did they thank her for her comments but they described how they were using her feedback to help other team members deliver exceptional service at the restaurant as well. Last but not least, they enclosed a $10 gift card as a small token of their appreciation for her feedback. Wow! What an experience. That certainly would make me want to dine there again!

Not long ago, I attended a Gartner conference and heard some disturbing statistics on customer feedback.

  • 95% of companies measure customer satisfaction
  • 30% actually take action based off of customer feedback surveys
  • 5% inform the customers what they did with their feedback

What do you do with your customer surveys at your organization?


Are they viewed as a tool for deepening your customer relationship and transforming the way you do business? Or, is it a lost KPI on an executive dashboard?

A thought…


If your surveys go into a black hole, it’s time to make a decision.

  1. Decide to make them a meaningful part of your organization and use them to change your culture and your customer experience.Or
  2. Stop doing them. If you aren’t going to take the time to listen or be committed to making changes, it’s better not to ask for the feedback in the first place.

Commitment to making customer surveys meaningful is the first step to working into the top 5%. If you’re already there – congratulations! If not, I hope your choice is #1!

As you make a concerted effort to use customer surveys to transform your organization, please reach out to us with any questions. We’re here to help!