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We are moving from to

Why are we making the switch?

To answer that question we have to dig back…far back into the history of Communications Products, Inc. (CPI).

When we started in 1983, voicemail was one of the latest communication innovations, fax machines were just beginning to peak in usage, the fiber optic infrastructure that we rely on today was being installed across the country, and the monopolies that phone providers of the day enjoyed were starting to be disrupted through a period of deregulation.

Fast forward through the years: Our company has survived and thrived through financial recessions, the dot com bust, consolidation, and extraordinary innovations in our marketplace. Moreover, we have customers who have been with us for nearly 20 years, and the same CEO who started our company in his garage 34 years ago continues to guide our organization as it evolves.

Cliff Arellano

Cliff Arellano | President & CEO

The Garage where it all began in 1983

CPI's first HQ

In our early years, our name was very descriptive of what we did. We equipped companies with the best in class communications products, and with grit, determination, and maybe even a little naivety, we competed with the biggest companies in the world… and on occasion beat them. Not only in winning the business, but in delivering faster, better outcomes all while having fun doing it!

A copy of one of our first brochures

Photos of Microwave Tower and Telecommunication implementations from the early days

Microwave Tower

Here are links to a couple different news articles over the years

Fiber optics company has its eye on growth

Entrepreneur of the Year

Not only did we work with the most sophisticated products of the time, but Cliff worked diligently to help legislators define how the government could empower small businesses to impact the communications industry.

Products to Solutions

In the early days, a lot of CPI’s focus was on “products” that we provided. While we still provide and recommend a tremendous amount of products to our customers, our expertise is heavily focused on delivering business “solutions” or the outcomes that our customers are looking for. It’s much deeper than just a product.

Here are a few examples:

We are passionate about helping the United States Coast Guard (from Alaska to Guam) save lives everyday by providing the best, most rock-solid, reliable, enterprise phone system possible since 2004 – even in the most remote locations – including mobile command vehicles and ships.

We are passionate about helping utility companies keep their service costs as low as possible to consumers (like you and me) by continually helping innovate and drive additional efficiencies without compromising customer experience – resulting in millions of dollars of savings for these companies.

We are passionate about helping manufacturing organizations deliver on their brand promise by revolutionizing global reaching RMA processes… cutting the customer wait time by days and significantly reducing the handle time required to process them. Saving money and even more importantly providing the customer experience that built their company in the first place.

We are passionate about finding ways to help some of the biggest retailers in the world drive millions of dollars in revenue through digital communication channels.

There are so many stories. I wish I could cover them all.

The fact is, our world is being digitally disrupted – see the chart below

As you can see from the results above, it’s imperative to deliver as good (if not better) of an experience digitally than it is face-to-face. That’s what we do. That is why the focus of our company is deeper than just products. It’s a solution.

Thank you for 34 years of success! Here is to another 34!

*In the near future: CPI emails will be changing from to – we will let you know when this change takes place.