By: Gavin Waggoner On: August 02, 2017 In: Interactive Intelligence, Pure Cloud Comments: 0

In previous blogs, I’ve mentioned PureCloud for PureConnect features and functionality as they’ve come out by PureConnect release. In this blog post, I’ll take a closer look at this exciting capability for PureConnect in one blog. PureCloud for PureConnect is continually evolving and enables PureConnect customers to take advantage of certain cloud and collaboration capabilities that might otherwise be unavailable.

To begin with, remember that PureCloud for PureConnect will also be referenced to as PureCloud for CIC. PureConnect is the new name for CIC and part of the new overall Genesys taxonomy. You can think of PureCloud for PureConnect as an umbrella capability. It is an overall concept and specific functionality may require a particular PureConnect release, licensing on either platform, hardware and software and so on.

PureCloud for PureConnect integration is free to PureConnect customers depending on your staff’s technical capabilities and what part of the integration you are enabling. You may choose to work with a partner (think CPI) to assist with implementation. PureCloud directory and PureCloud Collaborate features are included. These were the earliest features available beginning with PureConnect 2016 R3 (the minimum PureConnect release required for integration).

Here is a list of the integration requirements:

  • PureConnect 2016 R3 or later (details below)
  • A PureCloud organization
  • A PureCloud Admin user
  • Certain PureConnect user info for PureCloud synchronization
  • PureCloud Bridge- manages the data transfer between platforms and can be installed on or off server depending on your particular environment

And here is an overview of the currently available features and enhancements by release:

2016 R3

  • Interaction Connect user access to PureCloud Collaborate – launch PureCloud Collaborate directly from Interaction Connect via a Collaborate button in the client
  • User information and status synchronization – CIC user information (e.g., name, numbers, department, status etc.) is synced into a paired PureCloud organization
  • Configuration in Interaction Administrator – use an existing or create a new PureCloud organization (the PureCloud Admin user will have permissions in both CIC and PureCloud once setup is complete)

2016 R4

  • A PureCloud Directory view in Interaction Desktop and Interaction Connect – this allows CIC users to see all PureCloud and CIC users in a single directory and view detailed user information including calling, transferring calls to, and conferencing with PureCloud users
  • CIC and PureCloud user status synchronization – CIC users can set their primary presence source (or status) to either CIC or PureCloud which ensures their PureCloud presence is driven by CIC status and their PureCloud availability is based on their CIC status
  • The ability to view the status of PureCloud bridges and connectors in Interaction Administrator – Admins will see a Bridge Status tab in the Interaction Administrator PureCloud Configuration dialog box as well as remove and change the paired PureCloud organization

2017 R2

  • Co-browse for PureConnect – enables agents using Interaction Connect (only at this time) the ability to assist customers by establishing co-browse sessions. These sessions are available in the client in My Interactions and the Co-browse sidebar. PureCloud 3 (formerly Engage 3) licenses are required and 2017 R2 or later is also required for both PureConnect and Interaction Connect.
  • CIC web-based phone – allows Interaction Connect (only at this time) users to select a browser based WebRTC SIP phone client (treated as a remote number). You’ll need a PC with speakers and a mic or a headset (recommended), Chrome (v47 or higher) or Firefox (v44 or higher), a PureCloud Communicate license, properly sized network connections, some variant of the PureCloud Edge (Standard, Mini, Micro or Virtual), and PureConnect 2017 R2 or later (PureConnect Cloud/CaaS requires 2017 R3 or later).

Stay tuned for future enhancements to existing features and functionality as well as possible new functionality in PureCloud for PureConnect such as WebRTC video, social integration, improved desktop and analytics API’s, webification, visual IVR and voice biometrics to name but a few!