By: Colin Doggett On: October 24, 2017 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Call Center professionals are blasted daily with a never ending stream of technology solutions that at face value can create ROI, reduce the number of FTE’s and improve customer perception. While it sounds easy to use technology to drive performance and cost improvement, it is not.

Every element of your Call Center’s technology solution has the ability to add features, integrations or equivalent that can return value for your organization, but for some reason the hardest area to improve and drive change are related to the people. Upgrading your people resource should not be an exercise in turnover management but an exercise in change management to drive adoption.

Change Management

Change Management tends to be an afterthought on technology implementations for a couple key reasons. First, it involves all of the people on your team – for technologists and organizations tech is easy and people are hard. If there was a model you could drop into every organization to drive real behavior change, there would be one less million dollar industry focused on the topic.

Develop a change management plan, methodology and approach to facility your people resources success. Often when developing your change plan, there will be identified opportunities to cover operational defects, process improvements and policy that while independent to the change being communicated go hand in hand to drive overall success.

Change Management is about your people, your team, and your Call Center’s future. Driving behavior and adopting is not like going to a political rally to get talked at by the guy in charge. Change starts with the lowest level employee. Getting your team to adopt the changes requires early and often communication through every channel. Having the employees, not the manager, drive the behavior will be more fruitful and cost-effective.

My final bit of advice on Change Management is to adapt as a leader. When you are working to drive change and adoption on your team, don’t stay the course when sailing towards rocks. If you’re having poor adoption, step back and try another direction. Utilize other resources to help vet your change strategy. Remember, we all face similar challenges. You are not alone – you got this!