By: Gavin Waggoner On: April 13, 2017 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

PureConnect (formerly CIC) 2017 R2 was released on February 7, 2017. With the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence by Genesys, PureConnect has recently received a breath of fresh air in the form of renewed product development and research & development funding. In this blog, I’d like to review two cool forthcoming features.

Co-browse for PureConnect – Building on the PureCloud for PureConnect framework, Co-browse for PureConnect enables agents using Interaction Connect the ability to assist customers by establishing co-browse sessions. These sessions are available in the client in My Interactions and the Co-browse sidebar. Use cases for this ability for an agent to share a browser screen with a customer are vast.

Remember that, as this capability is contingent on enabling the PureCloud for PureConnect capability, PureCloud 3 (formerly Engage 3) licenses are required. 2017 R2 or later is also required for both PureConnect and Interaction Connect. This feature is currently available on a limited basis in its initial release.

WebRTC for PureConnect – Another feature that builds on PureCloud for PureConnect is the ability for Interaction Connect users to select a browser based WebRTC SIP phone client. WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication and is the protocol that facilitates the ability to make and take voice calls on a PC using compatible browsers just as you would use a SIP phone. You can read more about WebRTC here:

The PureConnect web based phone will eliminate the need for physical SIP phones or soft phone applications and the distribution, installation and configuration that goes along with them. While WebRTC for PureConnect is also an early release feature, it’s easy to see the benefit and flexibility this option will bring.

To take advantage of WebRTC once it’s fully available, you’ll need a PC with speakers and a mic or a headset, Chrome (v47 or higher) or Firefox (v44 or higher), a PureCloud Communicate license, properly sized network connections, some variant of the PureCloud Edge (Standard, Mini, Micro or Virtual), and PureConnect 2017 R2 or later.

You can find out more about these features and see what else is available in CIC 2017 R2 here:

As always, feel free to reach out to us to further discuss these and other exciting things happening at Genesys!