By: Gavin Waggoner On: June 05, 2017 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

PureConnect 2017 R3 was released May 2, 2017. This release includes features specifically aimed at customer engagement improvements as well as the agent experience in a web browser. Interaction Connect contains enough improvements for a dedicated discussion, so in this blog I will focus specifically on those improvements.

To begin with – Status Icons in the Client

Status icons were updated as of 2015 R2 and available as an option. In 2017 R3, they are now the default set. See the more modern status icons below:

What about the original status icons? They are still available in \\icserver\Resources\alternates and each status icon can be configured Interaction Administrator in the Status Messages section.

Interaction Connect Fax & Voicemail Viewer

The new fax view has been updated to show all current faxes which can be viewed, downloaded, deleted and sorted.

  1. Select and sort
  2. Magnifying glase (View) to diplay in PNG or PDF format in your browser
  3. Delete and Download buttons
  4. View fax list- not yet deleted (both viewed and unviewed faxes)
  5. Blue bar to indicate unviewed
  6. Downloaded faxes in the browsers file download location

The new voicemail viewer has a similar look and feel to that of fax – as you might guess, viewing, downloading, deleting and sorting are now all possible.

  1. Voicemail Messaging Waiting Indicator (MWI) for unheard messages
  2. Display voicemails the way you want to see them- all, unopened and opened
  3. Sort voicemails in your order preference- newest to oldest or oldest to newest
  4. View voicemail list- not yet deleted (both viewed and unviewed)- blue bar to indicate unheard messages
  5. Play button (on currently shaded message) to listen
  6. Delete currently selected message
  7. Download the selected message a WAV file
  8. Scroll bar for multiple messages
  9. Downloaded messages in the browsers file download location

Interaction Connect Speed Dial

Speed dial views can now be created from within Interaction Connect which can be shared with other PureConnect users or kept private. Photos and images can also be added to each entry (dependent on what the PureConnect administrator allows).

Interaction Connect Directory Edit

Directory entries can now be created, edited and deleted using the Properties button in the Directory toolbar, Add/Delete Entry in the Directory View.

Other improvements to Interaction Connect include Camp on internal extension to receive an alert when the camped users’ status changes and Inbound SMS to receive SMS texts similarly to the way chats are received.

PureConnect 2017 R3 contains a number of other exciting improvements to enhance customer engagement. Reach out to me if you would like to further discuss them!