By: Kory Salem On: May 10, 2018 In: Genesys, Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

Last week, Genesys held the CX18 Conference at the spectacular Gaylord Resort in Nashville, TN. It was a terrific event with tons to learn and see. There were three discoveries in particular that stood out to me as very impactful. Even better, all three of these will be coming to the entire product suite – PureEngage, PureConnect, and PureCloud.

Predictive Engagement with Altocloud
This one really knocked my socks off. Imagine putting a small snippet of code on your website and having the following:

1) Journey analytics of all the paths customers are taking

2) Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to discover patterns among those journeys and which ones lead to good and bad outcomes

3) Real-time monitoring of customers using those patterns to predict their potential outcome

4) The ability to intervene (offer a discount, proactive chat, etc.) and guide customers that are headed to a bad outcome

Predictive Routing
This one has the potential to radically change how contact centers think about routing callers to agents. Instead of building sophisticated skills-based routing schemes, imagine applying AI to analyze each inbound interaction and then match it to the agent that will have the best possibility for a good outcome.

Chatbots and Cognitive IVR
Genesys strongly believes in the blended AI approach that provides seamless customer experience by handing off interactions to live agents when automation hits a speed bump. This pragmatic approach feels very genuine with AI being such a buzzword in so many markets. One of the coolest features of the bot architecture is you can design it once and then render it across multiple channels (voice, digital, and desktop).

As always, attending a Genesys conference is like drinking from a firehose. The amount of valuable information is amazing. These three discoveries are the standouts in my mind after gulping down all that information! If you’d like to learn more about what’s up next for Genesys, please reach out. I’d love to chat with you.