By: Norman Seto On: June 22, 2018 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Customers are looking for deeper connections with the brands they do business with.  The human connection, the need to be heard, understood, and valued are essential offerings for today’s consumer expectations.

In our online world, brands must be focused on delivering a white-glove service experience to an always-on, and always connected consumer.

This means that we have to be ever-present. What steps have you taken, and how are you keeping up with the constant evolving expectations of consumer demands online? How do you become ever-present? How do you add that human touch to deliver a more meaningful connected experience?

The answer is rather simple – provide a communication channel that fulfills all expectations of today’s digital consumer. The solution, Chat CX technology. It’s a single platform that can scale quickly, it’s highly secure, integrates with other CX technologies, and allows for an omnichannel experience. These connections can start from various entry points and hold a consumer’s hand through the entire journey.

Particularly interesting for those who are getting started, here are some basic implementations to consider:

  1.  Chat button (your call-to-action button) and placement: Place embedded chat button/link across your website in a highly visible place, such as the top of your page.  Alternatively, add a sticky button (a button that stays present while a visitor scrolls through the webpage). Your call-to-action chat button should be visually appealing (in placement, sizing, and color) to bring awareness of its presence but not a distraction to your content.
  2. Proactive chat engagements: Be proactive to connect with your consumers based on any number of reasons that are important to you. This allows for targeting visitors who have reached high-value pages, navigated a specific sequence of pages, spent a certain amount of time on a page, and much more.

For those who have incorporated this channel and are looking to amplify its impact, here are a few thoughts:

  1.  Consider BOTS? BOTs are effective in managing consumer expectations during operating hours and off-hours. Adding a BOT agent can deflect commonly asked questions and escalate to a live agent when called upon. BOTs will uphold your initiative in keeping up with the always-on, and always-connected consumer.
  2.  Message lately? In the past, our keys, purse, or wallet were things we never left the house without. Today, it’s also our mobile devices. At any given moment, our mobile devices are either in our pocket, purse or within arms reach. With that said, brands need to be in this space. Busy consumers who are on the go can appreciate having service at their fingertips.  Afterall, no one is sitting at their desktop computer all day. Implementing a messaging channel will ensure you’re available to your customers on the run.

Whatever your use case, or current state of implementation, there is a place for a well-rounded and strategically implemented Chat / Messaging channel in your business.

Do you have general questions about how to get started?  Are you interested in learning how to humanize your brand with Chat, Messaging, and BOTS?  Feel free to reach out.