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Octobers’ Ask the Experts webinar focused on Maintaining Your Knowledge Base.  Here’s a recording of the webinar and a few highlights on the topic as well.

What is a Knowledge Base?

  • A central location for resources to live
       – A tool that can be used by customers to answer questions through self-service
       – Provides consistent information to customers
  • An organizational methodology to create and maintain content
       – Know when knowledge articles will be created or updated and who will update them
       – A collection of the best knowledge that can help your agents, shared by agents


Where do I Start?

  • Establish a routine/regularly schedule reviews
  • Determine who is responsible to change the content
  • Establish the review structure
  • Define what good knowledge looks like


Establish Regularly Schedule Reviews

  • Scheduled reviews will help keep knowledge top of mind for the team
  • A regular schedule will also help with planning time commitments


Who is Responsible for Making Changes?

  • Choose an owner who makes sense
  • It is okay if the owner does not have direct knowledge of the topic as long as there is a clear resource for them to delegate questions to


Establish a Review Structure

  • Agent Review
       – Empower your agents to report “bad” knowledge. Have a mechanism so they can identify “bad” knowledge and suggest the appropriate correction. Our goal is agent ownership.
  • Content Owner Review
       – A report will be needed to let your Content Owners know that there is “bad” knowledge. Knowledge owners will have the opportunity to review and correct the knowledge as they see fit. Our goal is relevant content.


What is a Good Knowledge Article?

It is important to determine how good knowledge is defined in your organization. Some may place emphasis on technical accuracy, while others may emphasize ease of use. The key is to base these criteria on what is best for your organization.


Establish a Style Guide

  • Creating a style guide will help all articles to be more consistent.
       – Font
       – Ideal article length
       – Formatting guidelines


Define Answer Criteria

  • How direct should the answer be?
  • Can cross-references be used?
  • How many cross-references are too many?
  • What determines if an answer is empirically effective?

Check out the video above to learn more about maintaining your knowledge base.

I hope you found the information helpful and insightful!

Have questions about maintaining your knowledge base? Reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you.

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