By: David Currier On: December 18, 2019 In: Genesys, Interactive Intelligence, PureConnect Comments: 0

In certain cases, it may be useful to add a few directory entries to Polycom phones and/or to have these directory entries available as speed dials.


Here is how to do this:

Obtain the directory template file

  • On the PureConnect server, browse to the ..\I3\IC\Server\Firmware\Polycom\ folder and open one of the newer Polycom firmware zip files
  • Copy the file 000000000000-directory~.xml to another location
  • Rename the file to 000000000000-directory.xml (the ~ character prevents the phone from loading the file after it has been flashed to a new software version)

Configure the directory file

  • Add entries in XML <item> tags to the file. If an entry should be used as a speed dial, enter the speed dial index in the <sd> tag (values: 1-9999). Here is a useful post with definitions for each field:
  • Copy the directory file to the server
  • Copy the file to the ..\I3\IC\Provision\Polycom\contacts\ folder on both servers in the switchover pair (create the contacts folder if necessary)
  • If only for a single phone, rename the file to <mac_address>-directory.xml

Load the directory

  • VVX phones on current firmware can load this file by selecting Menu > Settings > Basic > Update Configuration
  • Older SoundPoint phones will require a factory reset to obtain the directory file

I hope you found this helpful. Thanks for reading!