By: Christy Green On: June 19, 2019 In: Oracle, Service Cloud Comments: 0

Oracle Service Cloud Release 19B has been unveiled, and it includes some exciting new enhancements and features!

The majority of the enhancements are to the Browser User Interface (BUI) but there are several more highlights, so be sure to check out this entire post.

  • Agent Browser UI themes – Agent Browser UI users can now change the background color of the application by selecting one of the themes available in the Preferences Menu.
  • Uploading multiple attachments to incidents – Users of Agent Browser UI can now upload multiple attachments at once to an incident rather than selecting attachments one by one.
  • Custom navigation set – This feature allows users on the Agent Browser UI with profiles that have permission to customize Navigation Sets to make changes to their Navigation Sets from the Browser Agent UI.
  • Chat transfer enhancement: Average Wait Time – New functionality has been added to the Agent’s Chat experience within the Browser User Interface where transferring chats to queues now includes an Average Wait Time indicator. This enhancement can help the Chat Agent set expectations about possible wait times, making the customer’s experience better.
  • Chat compose control expands – New functionality has been added to the Agent’s Chat experience within the Browser User Interface where the compose control within the Engagement Panel now expands to show more content.
  • Chat concluded indicator – New functionality has been added to the Agent’s Chat experience within the Browser User Interface where chats that have been terminated by the end-user contain a Chat Concluded Indicator.
  • Agent Browser UI workspace preview – Agent Browser UI Workspace Preview enables preview edits in runtime. This will allow an administrator or any person creating a workspace for the Agent Browser UI to preview the workspace before assigning it to a user profile. With this feature, administrators can confirm that the changes made are usable and accurate.

An exciting new feature to enhance digital customer service is Oracle Messaging. Oracle Messaging is a new channel delivered through Oracle Service Cloud Chat. This feature integrates Facebook Messenger and WeChat into the Oracle Service Cloud Chat channel. With this first release, Oracle offers integration with Oracle Virtual Assistant, as well.  Note that this feature is currently on limited availability.

New in Knowledge Foundation is Answer Version Delete. This feature enables knowledge admins, using Answer Versioning, the ability to delete answer versions to maintain a tidy (and smaller in the DB) knowledge base. Authors can now delete a draft and historical answer versions. Answer Version Delete respects profile permission that allows for answer delete, therefore only those profiles with permissions to delete will be allowed.

An enhancement to the Service Cloud Platform is Data Lifecycle Management support for archived incidents. This feature allows customers to use the Data Lifecycle Management framework to support the purging of archived incidents. This new feature offers the following benefits:

  • Customer visibility into the purging of archived incident functionality
  • Consolidation of all data lifecycle configurations in a single UI
  • Customization capability for configuration of conditions for selection of archived incidents for purging
  • Utilization of more optimized and faster delete capability on archived incidents by utilization of bulk delete framework

A couple of enhancements to Oracle Policy Automation include:

  • Rest API enhancements – The 19B release builds on the OPA REST API with a few enhancements, including getting the expected input parameters for any deployment which allows designer interfaces to present the list of available parameters when adding a reference to an OPA interview. Additionally, users can now get the available locales for any deployment via REST API. This enables designer interfaces to present the list of available locales when adding a reference to an OPA interview.
  • Chat API enhancements – Several enhancements to the OPA Chat API have been made to allow richer chat interactions to be developed for OPA interviews.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like some help implementing any of the new capabilities. Thanks for reading!