By: Derrick Chin On: October 31, 2019 In: Oracle, Service Cloud Comments: 0

It’s that season again. This weekend many of us will need to readjust our clocks due to daylight savings time. That got me thinking. Since we are getting ready to adjust our clocks, what else should we take time to review?

Here are a couple of items that may be due for review:

Hours of operation

Days may be getting shorter but with some of our customer-facing functions, the days may also be getting longer. It’s always good to check that your hours of operation match what your customers expect them to be.

When is your next upgrade?

Oracle Service Cloud upgrades are usually released 4 times a year with one usually coming out about this time of year. Do you have a plan? Do you go ahead and upgrade before the holidays to get it out of the way? Or do you hold off until you’re in January and in the clear?

Who do these user accounts belong to?

Just like changing your smoke detector batteries regularly, it’s good to go through your user accounts as well. You may find some accounts that no longer need to be active, or you may find that everything just needs a little bit of sorting. Either way, it will help to ensure you don’t have any surprises when it comes time to renew.

As you take time to readjust your clocks this weekend, I hope you’re able to spare a few minutes to address these timely questions as well!

And as always, we’re here to help. Our team at CPI has extensive experience with Oracle Service Cloud and other CRMs. In addition, we also work with telephony and messaging platforms. If you need a guiding hand to help you through some of the nuances of running a contact center or have specific questions about Oracle Service Cloud, please reach out. We’d love to connect with you!