Use Case

Web Chat & PCI Compliance


When using a chat feature, many customers hit a roadblock in getting service because they have to provide sensitive information, such as Social Security or credit card numbers, in order for the organization to help them. For most organizations, submitting and receiving that secure information forces the customer to leave the chat and call in, creating a disjointed customer experience and doubling the work for the agent.


The PCI Secure Form dedicates a “secure tunnel” within the standard chat feature for exchanging sensitive identity-validation data. Customer care professionals continue to operate in the same Agent Workspace as data is sent from the visitor in a safe, PCI-compliant interaction. Data is transmitted securely to the agent but is only available in real time, not after the session has ended.


PCI Secure Forms allow brands to collect necessary sensitive information in a single transaction directly within LiveEngage. Not only does this eliminate the need for a separate application to capture the information, but the time and effort required from both the customer and the agent to exchange secure information and complete the transaction is reduced.